Absentia in a Nutshell

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What was it really?

Absentia was a game that explored, among other things, how little out-of-game information we could get away with giving players in advance. This much secrecy was key for getting genuine reactions that were not thought about in advance, but it was also scary for us as game runners. The community hadn't seen a game like this before, and we hadn't exactly run a game like this before either. So much about running a good game is in setting the right expectations, which is very difficult to do when you're not saying anything. For that reason, we made it invitation-only, in part to limit our exposure.

Luckily, the event was widely considered one of the most powerful LARP experiences the players had experienced. We validated that the community can handle more experimental styles, and the game runners decided to retroactively make this game the start of a new LARP studio.

What was the mystery?

Because of the nature of the mystery, it only really made sense to do this once. If we do something similar again, it will be a completely different mystery.

That said, without the weight and buildup of the game itself, just revealing the solution doesn't really do the game justice. Our solution: ask one of the players for their story. Each of their experiences is more real than any design document we could show you. If you want a shorter version, ask someone where the name Ostari Games comes from.

People who played the game can visit the Debrief Group.

Game Materials

A foggy scene with trees in the distance

One day, you wake up in an unfamiliar place.

Where are you? How did you get there? Why? And who are the people with you? These questions and many more will be discovered as you play the game.

Absentia is a larp unlike most you’ve probably played. What makes Absentia so different? It’s a weekend long larp whose focus is on social role-playing, mystery solving, and slow burn suspense. This game will rely heavily on player interaction to create story and players are encouraged to seek role-playing opportunities with other players around the scenario presented.

While combat won't be completely absent, this game will best suit players who are interested in little to no combat with intense RP opportunities.

Player Handbook


Registration is full, and also this LARP is in the past.