Humanity has always looked to the stars

Sillhouette of a figure in front of a night sky with several stars

The mission's success is in your hands

Calypso begins on the planet Terra Unus, an Earth analog that will allow us to explore the multinational themes of the game, while avoidings the trappings of real-world geopolitics. A small group of players will take on the roles of the Calypso Astronauts, a scientific crew sent to survey the far reaches of the Terran solar system for future resource extraction and perhaps colonization. It is our goal to create a truly “blockbuster” experience for the crew, who will live, work, eat, and sleep in the claustrophobic spaceship environment.

The whole world is watching

Supporting the Calypso will be a much larger group of players: the Mission Control. The Mission Control is made up of people from various factions and countries with their own interests, coming together in a joint effort to support the main mission. To achieve their goals, Mission Control team members will participate in abstracted games that represent the various ways in which the factions support the mission and support themselves. Think of it as one part larp, one part easy to play social board games that affect the outcomes of in-game events.

Player's Guide

The game-wide Player's Guide can be found here. Once roles are chosen, everyone will get individual packets with additional pertinent information and rules.

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