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About Ostari Games

Welcome to Ostari Games. We are committed to producing quality one-shot live-action role-playing games in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to focus heavily on the role-playing aspect of LARP and create worlds and scenarios for our players to flourish in a safe creative space.

We strive to make every game a different experience than is otherwise available in the area, building on our successes and learning from our failures. That means different than what we've done in the past too. If a game doesn’t seem right for you, stay tuned for our next one, which might be more up your alley. On the other hand, if a game does look fun, don't hesitate to sign up, as we'll never quite run the same game again.

Mission Control, this is Calypso

People in a large room in front of screens with a large monitor in front

Coopetition to explore the stars

A small group of players will take on the roles of the Calypso Astronauts, a scientific crew sent to survey the far reaches of the Terran solar system for future resource extraction and perhaps colonization. It is our goal to create a truly “blockbuster” experience for the crew, who will live, work, eat, and sleep in the claustrophobic spaceship environment.

Supporting the Calypso will be a much larger group of players: the Mission Control. The Mission Control is made up of people from various factions and countries with their own interests, coming together in a joint effort to support the main mission.

Meet the team

Jimmy sitting on a rock with nature in the background

Jimmy Hastings

Jimmy has been LARPing since 2009 and helping run LARPs since 2011 with Alliance Seattle's The Valley of Ghosts campaign. His past LARP exploits include World of Oz, Shadow Accord, Beyond the Aether, and Devia.

When he's not writing for Ostari Games or doing his day job as a software engineer, you can find him as Head of Rules at Alliance Oregon or Chief Technomancer and Chief Economist at Spite.

Kirsten in steampunk wear on autumn leaves, crouching and holding a Maverick

Kirsten Olin

Kirsten became a theater rat at the early age of 7. She has done play acting and backstage technical support for more than 20 years. Her love of the stage and the prodding of some friends lead her to her first LARP at the impressionable age of 18. She started in a World Of Darkness: Vampire parlor LARP and has branched out into multiple boffer LARPs since then. She has written plot for Emerald City Chronicles (Vampire), Alliance, and is part of the founding Plot team and writers for Spite.

Kirsten has also been heard on the NW Nerdcast.

Ron looking dour in a field of tulips

Ron Leota

Ron is a writer, role-playing game developer, and audio engineer. He’s been involved in the role-playing community since 1998. He released his first tabletop RPG, Carmine, in 2012.

Ron got his start in LARP running through Alliance Seattle's The Valley of Ghosts campaign. This led to a passion for creating live games. Most notably, he is the co-creator of Spite: A Science Fiction LARP. Ron is also the VP of Operations for NW RPGs, a non-profit dedicated to helping LARPs get started, and the parent company of both Spite and Ostari Games.

Ron can also be heard on The Roles We Play podcast.